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At Autism at Home, I believe people with Autism are amazing individuals with incredible minds and enormous potential. I am determined to see every individual, accept every individual and believe in every individual. My aim is to let potential blossom into reality.

Dont Give Up On Me

My Blog

Are you looking for creative activities to connect with your child, advice about challenging behaviour, ways to meet your child’s sensory needs or just to feel accepted and understood?

In my blog I share my own experiences as a mum, and those of the families I work with, as well as my specialist knowledge, playful ideas and emotional support for your child and you.

Autism at Home provides:

Specialised Play Therapy

for individuals with Autism and related disorders.

Autism Training

for parents and professionals.

Advice and Support

for all aspects of living with Autism.

Would you like to find out about the children and young people I work with?

Wondering how I can help you?

I offer free 30 minute phone consults. If you would like to chat with me about your own situation and how I can help