Autism at Home Centre

The Autism at Home Centre has been specially created to provide families with a place to come and receive training on how to provide a home-based play programme for their child.

The centre has a specially designed playroom, which is distraction free, allowing a child's sensory system to relax and focus on the person in the playroom with them. Fun toys that help to build a connection with your child and promote imagination, cognitive and motor coordination skills are organised on the shelves. The playroom has observation facilities so that you are able to receive feedback on how to progress with the play therapy and also observe an Autism at Home Play Coach with your child.

The relaxing consultation room provides a comfortable environment in which you can ask any questions, discuss your child triumphs and challenges, receive training to develop your play skills. The dining area and kitchenette enables you to provide any specific food that your child may require throughout the day.

The creative room houses an extensive reference library, in which you can browse and see which books you think would be valuable for you to buy. Also a theme cupboard stores many more fun toys and activities to help your child to keep moving forward. The desk and sofa allow your team to stop and think about future games and activities they can do with your child in their upcoming sessions.

Directions to the Autism at Home Centre