Summary of the Core Therapies Used

Specialised Play Therapy

The specialised play therapy in Autism at Home inspires your child to want to connect and then want to learn.

The Listening Program
(Authorised Listening Program Provider)

This is a music stimulation program that gently trains the auditory system to accurately process sound. This can help children listen more effectively and have less sensitive hearing. It works well with the Home-Based Programmes as it is goes at the pace which the child and family require.

(Certified HANDLE Introductory Activity Coach)

HANDLE (Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency), “uses a non-invasive technique to analyze deficiencies in neurological function, then provides individualised programs designed to gently stimulate repair of compromised neurological functioning.[1]” Through simple activities, HANDLE helps the child’s body work as effectively and efficiently as possible, thus enabling the child to put more energy into learning from others.

Nutrition Advisor
Diploma in Nutrition from the Institute of Natural Healing

The development of any person requires both the optimal external environment and the optimal internal environment. Nutrition is one vital area that helps provide the optimal internal environment. Without the correct nutrition development can be laboured and sometimes even limited. With the correct nutrition, development is always enhanced.

[1] Victory Over ADHD, d. Merlin and L. Cook