Parent’s Reviews

Penny Kay, mum to Henry.

"Working with Sarah has made such a difference to us and how effectively we are able to run our home program for our little boy Henry who has just turned 5 and is diagnosed with Autism.

We have had a monthly visit since March 09 and Sarah's knowledge and creatitivity, along with her obvious enthusiasm and dedication to the cause, has ensured that we maintain our focus and direction on helping Henry to the best of our ability using play techniques.

Sarah's feedback is always useful and practical and all of our voulunteers, as well as ourselves, have benefitted greatly from her input and are always glad when her monthly out-reach arrives to work on game ideas and discuss issues they may have in the playroom. This works really well alongside the feedback that we give our volunteers and this additional support really does boost their confidence.

Sarah is also fantastic in the playroom with Henry and we are able to learn alot about the play techniques and how to develop Henry even further. Sarah is also able to offer us sound advice in all aspects of running the program, including recruitment and fundraising, as well as helping us through particularly challenging phases.

We are really glad that we were introduced to Sarah and all of her out-reaches have always been worthwhile and beneficial to all of us. Henry's progress is amazing and we know that we have alot of people to thank for their support and input and Sarah is definitely one of those people! Thank you Sarah!"

Dr. Gill Turner - Consultant Paediatrician - mum to Ben

"We had the great pleasure of Sarah working with our son, Ben, for several years. She was initially a volunteer in our home programme, developed her skills and experience and then became a key part of our programme for a year, assisting me in coordinating our full time home programme with a team of volunteers.

Sarah is enthusiastic about the play progamme approach and has a range of skills and knowledge about autism and therapeutic approaches. She has great play skills, uses creative play imaginatively and has a deeply respectful approach to the children with whom she works. Her support would be an asset to a home programme, or for a family who are considering how to use home-based approaches to enhance their child's education and development."

Nasreen Hussain, mum to Shakeel aged 35

“I have been running a home-based play program for my 35 year old son for 2 years. I want all mums out there to know that I have found Sarah Gibson from Autism at Home to be extremely helpful to me in running my program.

Sarah has been working with us regularly for over a year and a half, and within this time Shakeel has progressed enormously. She has helped to identify Shakeel’s main areas of challenge, including; social, language, gross motor, nutrition and sensory integration. Sarah helps with setting program goals, techniques, brainstorming activities, training my staff, group meetings and organising my theme cupboard.

I would highly recommend other mums to use her in their programs.

Sally McHugh, mum to CJ

“Sarah has a huge passion to help our son CJ achieve his potential, and have a happier life. When she arrives, she is like a 'breath of fresh air '...always giving us the boost we need! Her imagination and understanding is inspirational. Since her involvement in CJs program he has made significant, steady progress. His co-ordination and sense of 'being' have dramatically improved. Everyday he is making small steps that ease his frustration, and make him a happier boy. I could not recommend Sarah enough, to anyone who is taking their child’s future into their own hands. She is amazing!”


Michelle Warner, mum to Nathaniel

“Sarah has been working with me and my son, Nathaniel, for almost a year. My son has a diagnosis of Autism and Sarah provides training to our small team in order for us to run an effective in home education support programme. Sarah has an abundance of useful ideas which maximise the potential of our programme and is helping my son to reach his potential. Sarah has provided us with masses of information about different ways in which we can help our son, but the best thing about having Sarah's involvement in our home education programme, is that her enthusiasm is infectious and after every visit we feel our programme is given a new lease of life.”

Wendy Mean, mum to Ethan

“Since we began our consultations with Sarah, we have seen some great changes in our home based program. With Sarah's help our full-time program has developed in so many ways. We have direction and clear goals, our volunteers and staff members have become more skilled in their techniques and work with our son, consequently we have seen rapid growth in him, especially in his ability to follow requests and connect with others. Sarah is a tremendous asset to have in a program. Her level of knowledge and experience, along with her ability to relate to others on both a professional and personal level has been a great support to our family and also our home based program.”

Helene Wilson, mum to Theo

"Sarah has amazing enthusiasm and real passion for her work. Her Home Consultations are full of clear and insightful information. Her input has been so valuable. She has been a great help to our Programme."