Sample Videos


Meet amazing Taylan! The goal of the session was to encourage Taylan to participate in an activity that has more structure. The game includes a die with his different motivations on each side, and then a picture of a boy.

I begin by joining Taylan in his world, when he connects with me I build the interaction through a motivational chase game. Once Taylan is highly motivated and connected I introduce the die and model the game, then I encourage him to participate. After this part of the game is established I introduce the second part, the drawing.





Check out adorable little Oli. Only a few months ago most of his activities lasted less than a minute. Look at how well he can play now. Here I am helping to lengthen his attention span by being user-friendly, exciting and reinitiating the game whenever he connects with me. Once attending to the game I am able to help Oli to say bubbles. He is delightful to be with and his cheerfulness is utterly contagious.


Henry (July 2010)

Henry is a wonderful little boy who has progressed tremendously in the time I have worked with him. In this clip I am working on Henry's attention span, flexibility within a game, and spontaneous language. I have created several sentences with a fun word missing. These sentences contain both actions and characters that Henry loves to help stay motivated to stay with the game.



A year and a half ago, when I first met Molly, she would run screaming from the room whenever I made eye contact with her. In this video I start by joining her when she is exclusive, when she connects with me we play a fun laughing game around eye contact. You can see how much she loves looking at people now. Enjoying a child when they are in their own world is crucial, and waiting for them to connect first has an enormous impact on the depth of their connection and interaction.



Here is cheeky chappy Johnny. 18 months prior to this, Johnny struggled to be in the same room with different people, he had no language, seemed to find eye contact very uncomfortable, and was unable to play games. Here he fully participates in a lovely duck game with imagination and flexibility. I help Johnny with his attention span and flexibility by focusing on his current motivation of ducks. He began the session being controlling around his objects in the room, however as the session progresses you can see his flexibility grow through using the toys in different ways.