Programme Fees

Training Day

A typical Training Day lasts between 3 to 6 hours.

Fee: £45 per hour of consultation

A lunch can be provided if requested the cost of which will be dependant on the number of people attending. You will need to bring appropriate snacks and lunch for your child which meet their dietry requirements.

Phone Consultation

A phone consultation can be used either as a one hour consultation or be split into 15 minutes of DVD observation and 45 minute feedback (see Services for more information).

Fee: £45 per phone consultation

Written Reports

These include, Training Day Evaluations, Phone Consultation Evaluations, reports for the LEA, designing programme documentation, documentation of programme goals and strategies.

Due to the length of the report being dependent on the detail required, written reports are charged on an hourly rate

Fee: £45 per hour

See Special Offers for details on special packages available.