Reports & Documents

Training Day Report

This comprehensive report can provide an overview of the Training Day. This can vary in detail, depending on what is requested.

It could include:

  • An evaluation of the your programme at present
  • Documentation of techniques and new skills from the consultation
  • Written Programme goals and Strategies
  • List of Games to play

Phone Consultation Report

This report can provide an overview of the Phone Consultation.

Programme Goals and Strategies

This is a shorter document than the Home Consultation Report, focusing on programmes goals and the strategies to attain them.

Programme Documentation

This can involve designing or redesigning your Home-Based Programme documentation. This ensures that you and your team are providing all necessary information about their play sessions in the most comprehensive and efficient way possible.

This is used in Group Meetings to discuss your child’s current situation, their progress and any challenges. This documentation also provides necessary information to your LEA, for the possibility of funding.

General reports

These reports may include a complete overview of a child in the time that I have known them. It may detail their challenges and progress. This can be used to help attain government funding for a Home-Based Programme.